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Visionary Solutions, LLC provides safe, compliant, and comprehensive solutions to complex issues. While a small business, we deliver the quality, responsiveness, and effectiveness of a large business, resulting in success for our customers.


We started in 2001 providing transportation and broker services for the U. S. Department of Energy and its prime contractors. For over 16 years we have developed and expanded our resources to meet the demands of a variety of projects for clients around the world. In 2014 we received the Knoxville Chamber's Pinnacle Business Excellence Award presented by BB & T.

Environmental Policy Statement

Visionary Solutions, LLC is committed to continually improve its Environmental Performance by implementing the following actions:

  • Sustain an environmentally secure and safe workplace;
  • Ensure staff is supplied with training and education on environmental management issues;
  • Strive to continually improve environmental performance;
  • Conduct periodic inspections of vendor/supplier environmental performance;
  • Evaluate and minimize project/ material environmental impacts;
  • Control exposure of personnel and the surrounding environment to toxic substances at minimum levels; and
  • Comply with government regulations related to: (1) gas emissions (2) noise emissions, and (3) waste storage, handling, and dips.